It is a fairy-tale castle: sumptuous, majestic, and evocative. If you cross the threshold of Castello dei Solaro, you enter a dreamlike dimension, made of charm, beauty, and magic. Nestled in the middle of the hills around Cuneo, this impressive medieval castle is very ancient, and its extraordinary history is characterized by the presence of many eminent people and multiple lives. In fact, in the past, it was a summer residence, a hospital, and a meeting location. Nowadays, it is the ideal destination for high-level events.
The atmosphere that surrounds Castello dei Solaro is a dream itself: the linden path, the charm of the stable, whose lights reflect themselves into the barrel ceiling, the rooms full of frescoes, the secret garden… Every corner is full of history and unique charm of a timeless place. And the many lives of this castle have given it a special value. For example, when it used to be a hospital, the typical obstacles of a castle were eliminated, such as stairs and architectural barriers. Therefore, even if Castello dei Solaro is a dream-like location, it is also very practical. It represents the ideal location to celebrate a perfect wedding reception, especially from a logistic point of view. There are many areas available for the bride and the groom, where they can organize a wonderful wedding according to their tastes and preferences. For this event, they will have a special privilege: they will be the owners of the entire castle, so that the best day of their lives can turn into a dream that they will never forget.
The residence consists of two main areas: Corte degli Acaja (Acaja Court), and Sala Principe Filippo D’Acaja (Prince Filippo D’Acaja Hall). The first one, dedicated to the Princes of Acaja, is the biggest and most spacious one; with its five hundred square metres of surface, can hold up to 300 people. It is a special room, enchanted by very high ceilings and big windows, which show a beautiful view of the luxuriant and refined centuries-old park, the ideal location for a typical American wedding, an elegant welcome aperitif, or taking some photos between fountains, statues, water games, and many romantic sections of the big garden. Moreover, the Court is equipped with a cutting-edge light design, in order to colour the walls of the castle according to the wedding theme, and make the atmosphere even more evocative.
For a cosier reception, Sala Principe Filippo D’Acaja is the ideal solution. This room is used by Countess Eufrasia to organize parties. It can hold up to 150 guests and is characterized by a spectacular painted ceiling with coffering. The stable of the castle consists of Sala dei Cavalieri (Knight Hall) and Sala Silvio Pellico (Silvio Pellico Hall). The former, which is in the oldest wing of the castle, is characterized by a coffered ceiling and can hold up to 150 people. It is even more evocative, thanks to a secret garden that has no architectural barriers. This place is equipped with cutting-edge light design as well, which characterized the contrast between the old and the new, thanks to its coloured lights and led that turn the pale walls of the room into a kaleidoscopic palette of colours. If the weather is bad, or if you want to split the event into different moments, there is the cosy Sala Silvio Pellico, named after the famous patriot, who, right here and many years ago, publicly read the first chapters of his great work: “My Prisons”.
There are so many possible scenarios in Castello dei Solaro that every wedding can represent an exclusive, unforgettable, and unique event. Everything is meticulously supervised by a highly-qualified staff, which passionately takes care of every detail, so that the newlyweds can have the wedding of their dreams.