A real jewel set in the heart of the lush and verdant Venetian countryside. This is the portrait of Villa Ca 'Marcello, a sumptuous and refined historical residence located on the borders of the enchanting Marca Trevigiana. The Villa was built in the 16th century by the Marcello family, a noble Venetian family that includes two Doges, the composer Benedetto Marcello, and numerous protagonists of the history of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.
This elegant country residence was for a long time a representative residence and home to the family's farming activities. Expanded and decorated in the 18th century, today Ca 'Marcello is a splendid example of a Palladian style villa, masterfully kept alive and maintained with care and love by the Marcello family, who has lived in this magnificent residence for five centuries.
The charm, the evocative atmosphere, the value and the spaciousness of the rooms make it - without a doubt - the ideal setting for an exclusive, memorable and high-level wedding ceremony.
The Villa, where it is also possible to celebrate the civil ceremony, is reserved exclusively for one wedding at a time and has an internal capacity that can accommodate up to 200 guests. The two main areas provided for the couple are the Hall on the ground floor and the Ballroom on the main floor. The first is characterized by the Venetian-style sown floor, the painted marmorino walls and the Sansovian ceiling of lacquered beams. The second one, particularly sumptuous and luminous, is embellished with frescoed walls and adorned with stuccoes and appliques from the 18th century, which are mirrored on the wide Venetian terrazzo floor.
Many environments are particularly suitable for a magnificent photo shoot. Starting from the marvelous frescoed rooms decorated with stuccoes and living rooms enriched with historical furniture, creating an enchanted atmosphere ideal for lasting pictures that evoke all the charm and magic of an ancient world. Then you get to the immense and spectacular centuries-old park that surrounds the entire estate, enriched by numerous stone statues dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and a precious botanical heritage consisting of ancient trees, flowers and rare ancient essences. All of this, enhanced by the innovative light design service provided by the Villa, thanks to which it is possible to create light points cues, both external and internal to the location, with effects, colors and intensity chosen by the couple.
Enveloped by the magic of an atmosphere of other times and the immortal charm of its rich history, which saw King Vittorio Emanuele III staying during the time of the memorable battle of the Piave, the newlyweds at Ca 'Marcello will be able to create themed corners, buffet zones, outdoor lounges and much more, creating thus a personalized event, able to talk about the couple and to enhance every moment of the party.