The Club of Residenze d'Epoca

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Join the Club of Residenze d'Epoca

You can play an active part in the development and enhancement of hospitality in historic residences by joining the Residenze d'Epoca's Club.

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  • Club Members special welcoming (n.3, worth 300 euro)
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The historic houses, custodians of Italian history, art and culture

We protect the historical Italian heritage

Residenze d'Epoca's Club was created to contribute to the "Project for recovery and enhancement of the Italian heritage", which, according to UNESCO, constitutes more than half of the world's historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

We don't refer only to the hundreds of partially or totally abandoned villas, castles and ancient houses which have been restored and returned to their original splendor and now have been turned into museum, locations for events or boutique hotels, but especially to the thousands of residences still waiting to be restored and saved from decay.

A contribution up to 10% for each booking by members of the Club

Join the Club and support the Promotion Fund

A contribution up to 10% of each Club Member's booking rate is allocated by Residenze d'Epoca to the "Fund for the promotion of historical tourism" which has been established in 1999 with the aim of:

  • encouraging tourism in historical residences
  • enhancing art and culture of historic places
  • supporting the protection and enhancement of Italian historical heritage
  • running information and awareness campaigns
  • providing free consulting services during preservation and renovations of historic buildings
  • encouraging institutions to pay more attention to the resources of our country