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Since 1999 we promote only the best italian villas, castles and historical residences

The "Certificate of Quality of Residenze d'Epoca has been awarded annually since 1999 only to the villas, castles and historic houses that have been able to demonstrate that they meet the necessary requirements for holding the delicate role of first-class Italian hospitality ambassador.

150 Quality Controls passed
A unique and refined diamond that stands out for its constant search for perfection and the capability of transmitting unaltered the spirit and philosophy of excellence of Residenze d'Epoca. An obsessive attention to detail, timeless charm, standards of quality and impeccable hospitality elevate this masterpiece of virtue to the rank of absolute first choice.
80 Quality Controls passed
A rare and precious gem where beauty, intimacy and exclusivity blend with a mission: to offer top services and superior experiences. An alchemy that transforms it into a landmark for the most refined palates, to whom it gives the privilege of feeling welcomed as “jewels resting on the pillow of hospitality”.
50 Quality Controls passed
A pearl of undisputed value capable of distinguishing itself for passion, dedication and a strong character. The historical, artistic and cultural value, combined with a wise balance between personality and first-class quality standards, make it stand out at the top of the preferences of those who always strive for the best.
Successful in the Preliminary Assessment of Suitability, annual verification
A precious piece whose identity emerges in the care of the rooms, in the authentic charm, in the level of services always up to expectations. It deserves a special place in the list of favourite choices.

In order to ensure the high standards required, the selection criteria adopted by the Certification Commission are very strict and also include:

  • more than 166.667 Club Members' suggestions and recommendations
  • scores obtained during anonymous Quality Control inspections
  • renovations quality
  • presence of elements of historical, artistic and cultural relevance
  • rooms' intimacy and exclusivity
  • notoriety, online reviews, references from certified partners
  • advertisement and information pack (website, brochures, catalogues, etc...)
  • reception service and customization level

Only 1 in 100 obtain the Golden Crown

The "Residenze d'Epoca Certification Protocol" provides for up to 150 Quality Controls, 10 verification phases and 3 months of evaluation. As a result of this strictness, so far only 0.6% of the historical residences have been awarded the Golden Crown of Residenze d'Epoca, thus becoming part of the collection of the best historic houses in Italy.

Find out why

What makes a historic house certified by Residenze d'Epoca absolutely unique?

High historical, artistic and cultural value

Protecting and enhancing our precious Italian heritage of history, culture and traditions that is the envy of the rest of the world.

Prestigious, elegant and charming interiors

The most beautiful way to highlight your life's most precious moments.

High accommodation standards

Assuring an Impeccable service makes every visit an unforgettable experience.

Custom satisfaction rating above 90%

Fostering conscious choice of high quality service dedicated to the most demanding guests.

Systematic rigorous checks and Quality control inspections

For protecting high quality tourism through a strict and reliable certification protocol.

Residenze d'Epoca enhances the historical Italian heritage

The project of Residenze d'Epoca was created to contribute to the valorization of Italian heritage, which, according to UNESCO, constitutes more than half of the world's historical artistic and cultural heritage.

A contribution equivalent to 10% of each Club Member's booking rate is allocated by Residenze d'Epoca to the "Fund for the promotion of historical tourism" which has been established in 1999 with the aim of:

  • encouraging tourism in historical residences
  • enhancing art and culture of historic places
  • supporting the protection and enhancement of Italian historical heritage
  • running information and awareness campaigns
  • providing free consulting services during preservation and renovations of historic buildings
  • encouraging institutions to pay more attention to the resources of our country

Residenze d'Epoca puts you in touch with Italy's most exclusive historic houses

The philosophy of Residenze d'Epoca is to encourage the creation and consolidation of that special relationship that binds both historic houses' owners and operators to their guests, renewing a culture of hospitality that is often passed on from one generation to the next.

For this reason all the information (ex. official website, telephone, email) needed for coming into direct contact, at no cost and without intermediaries, with Italy's most fascinating historic houses can be found in our fact sheets.

Renaissance villas, castles and fortresses, ancient buildings, farms, farmhouses and medieval villages: live close to the history or plan an enchanting event in historical residences which have preserved through the centuries the Italian traditions, art and culture.


Double Quality Certification

All the structures certified by Residenze d'Epoca are duly registered in the Italian Register of Historic Houses of Excellence, the national archive that for over 20 years has been in charge of valorizing and promoting the historical heritage through the census, cataloguing and quality certification of historical residences for tourism and events.

Discover the Italian Registry